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NorthEast Bronx Association Corporation

 'neighbors watching out for neighbors'

 February 2018

Next Meeting: Monday February 26, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave – Use Main Entrance.

We will be welcoming PO Jonya McDowell and PO Gregory Hernandez, our newly assigned NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers.

Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; and NYC Councilman Mark Gjonaj will be present.

NEBA Member Rallies vs. Car Wash






By Mark Saplicki &Vincent Prezioso

Thanks to the efforts of one of our members Mrs. Hilda Cuesta, there will be no car wash installed at the gas station on the corner of Gun Hill Road and Bartow Avenue.  Mrs. Cuesta enlisted the assistance of another resident Mr. Ali and they were able to obtain over 50 Forms of Rejection to present at the public hearing which was held on January 30.  Not an easy feat, as each petition required notarization, not to mention travelling to Manhattan to present them at the public hearing.

Keep in mind that Bartow Ave is not within the sphere of influence of NEBA nor Community Board 11, but rather is in the confines of Community Board 12.  We advised Hilda to reach out to CB12 and they advised her that the owner of the gas station had applied previously for a car wash and CD12 did not approve their request.

Also Hilda and Mr. Ali attended the NEBA January 29 meeting to inform our membership of this situation which is right on our border.  Building a car wash at the intersection of Gun Hill Rd and Bartow Ave would have contributed to even more traffic issues at one of the busiest intersections in our neighborhood.  Not to mention the headaches for the residents of Tiemann Ave who would have had to deal with the lineup of cars in front of their homes waiting for service at the car wash.

After Mr. Ali and several residents presented the petitions at the hearing and the owner’s attorney withdrew the request for a Waiver of the R3A zoning, partially due to an expensive traffic study which would have been required.  The R3A zoning protects the owner's of the one-and-two family homes bordering this proposed project. Beside the traffic being horrendous, students from IS144 & from other schools travel along these streets to and from school. Most importantly, private homes are directly next to and across the street from this location. A car wash would have attracted people from outside the neighborhood to hang out, and possibly attract drug dealing and solicitation.

So the next time you say “what can one person do?” remember what Hilda Cuesta did in the interest of us all!


Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday February 26, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave – Use Main Entrance.

Guest Speaker:

Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; and NYC Councilman Gjonaj will be present.


From Da Prez…

By Vincent Prezioso

Thank you NCO Officers: At our last meeting we were very pleased to welcome our new Neighborhood Coordination Officers, Jonya McDowell and Gregory Hernandez.  Those in attendance will agree that they were very congenial and anxious to make contact with those concerned about our community.  Their contact information is on the rear panel of this newsletter.

Councilman Gjonaj NEW District Office

1478 Williamsbridge Road, Bronx, New York 10461, P: 718-931-1721, F: 718-931-1605

Aldo Prezioso: I want to thank those of you who offered their condolences at the passing of my younger brother Aldo.  He was a good man, a good brother and a good friend.  My he rest in God’s peace, amen.

Joe Bacote: I am pleased to report our good friend Joe Bacote has recovered nicely after suffering mini strokes.  Live long and prosper Joe!

Pelham Parkway North Reconstruction: The preliminary phase of this project has begun.  We have not yet received official updates from the Department of Design and Construction, however please attend the next meeting for the latest information we have.

Fire Prevention & Safety

Last year Firefighter Timothy Boyle, liaison for the FDNY Office of Community Affairs attended our meeting to talk about Fire Prevention and Safety.  This reminder could save your life!

The most important point made was that every home needs to have a working smoke and CO2 detector.  If you cannot afford one, you can get it FREE from the Red Cross & FDNY by calling 877-733-2767.  Also you should be aware that the old style removable battery type alarms are being phased out (by law), in favor of sealed units that will last ten years. 

In addition you need to have working Fire Extinguishers and be familiar with how to use them; Know how to put out a kitchen fire; Make an escape plan and practice it; Know if you live in a fireproof or non-fireproof building. Call 911 immediately if you have a fire (even a small one)

More info: www.fdnysmart.org/safetytips, or call 718-281-3870.

Senior News

Now in its third year, approximately 16,000 New York City residents have received services through the NY Connects program, which the Department for the Aging administers in the five boroughs.

Through a no-wrong-door approach, people of all ages and income levels gain assistance when seeking long-term care. Help is a phone call or walk-in visit away at five community-based sites – one in each borough. Bronx: 953 Southern Blvd., 347-862-5200.

If you dread being passed from organization to organization, NY Connects can help make those connections to the right resource to meet the long-term needs of loved ones. NY Connects provides assistance through trained specialists who help people navigate the maze of providers in health and non-medical services.

Services are available in many languages, and employees may even make home visits. For more information visit https://www.nyconnects.ny.gov/ or call 800-342-9871.

Bronx Times Reporter

We at the Northeast Bronx Association are grateful to the Bronx Times Reporter for printing this newsletter in the “Civic Center” section of their publication.  This newspaper is actually worth reading, as it contains real news about issues and events in our own back yard.  So if you are not already a subscriber you can contact them at 718-260-4595, or visit their website https://www.bxtimes.com.

Do Facts Matter to You?

By Mark Saplicki

Below is a letter I received from Richard Kimball the founder of Vote Smart, which I humbly submit for your consideration. If facts matter to you then I encourage you to take advantage of this unique service to our democracy.  Their research on their website is available to the public at no cost.  Vote Smart is staffed by volunteers and accepts no contributions from any interest group.  They are supported by ordinary citizens like you and I.


My wife thinks me silly for being so sensitive about my eyes. But I have always sensed them as delicate crystal bubbles filled with marvel and magic. I open them, and always there is that explosion of wonder, full of color, shapes and knowledge.  It is much the same way I see democracy, as an explosion of freedom unleashing the human spirit, enterprise and inventiveness.  All I have to do is list the items of human advance over these past few years since our Founding Fathers and compare it to the million prior years of human existence and it's instantly apparent.

But now what I see, or more precisely sense, is the growing suppression of that democracy and the eventual re-confinement by the few over the many. I am not sure why everyone does not see what I see, or if they do, why they are not up in arms defending their right to the facts, something they are perfectly capable of doing.

It seems so obvious that fact, truth and reality are all buckling under the immense weight of newly-tooled political treachery. The darkest selfishness in our character now advances behind shields of anger and fear, vanquishing our highest human calling: our ability to know, our ability to seek out and advance through our most powerful and proven weapon-knowledge.

Modem day political leaders, with their newly cast tools of mass communication and manipulation, struggle to move citizens emotionally rather than intellectually. It is simply cheaper and more efficient. They teach us first to fear any difference of opinion and then to hate each other for it.

I cannot promise you that Vote Smart will survive this onslaught and growing disinterest in facts and the reality that depends on those facts.  But I can tell you that Vote Smart is the nation's last best hope. Someone must focus on reality, do the painstaking work of collecting those facts, to which any voter can turn, in the hope that our fellow Americans will decide to fight, will decide to recapture control of their government and rein in the conduct of its leaders. The only road to that end is paved with knowledge.

Richard Kimball Vote Smart President

VOTE SMART •· 1153 24th Street • Des Moines, IA 50311 • Tel: 515-989-6363 Hotline: 888-VOTE-SMART (888-868-3762) • Website: www.votesmart.org

Save a Life, Carry Naloxone

About 3 New Yorkers die from drug overdose everyday… YOU can save a life with Naloxone.

Learn to recognize and how to reverse an opioid overdose with this FREE training.  Every eligible participant will receive a Narcam© kit.  Naloxone is an emergency medicine that prevents overdose death from prescription painkillers and heroin and it is available without prescription.

Wednesday, February 28, Session #1: 10:30 am; Session #2: 3:30 pm at Bronx Neighborhood Health Action Center, 1826 Arthur Avenue, Multi-purpose Room 1st Floor.

To register contact: Gwen McKenzie, DOHMH, Gmckenzi@health.nyc.gov, or Fernando Tirado, DOHMH Ftirado@health.nyc.gov.  For more information, visit the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene website: http://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/naloxone.page.

New Social Security Cards

Starting in April 2018, Medicare will mail new Medicare cards to help protect you and your clients from identity theft. Fraudsters are always looking for ways to get your Social Security number. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is removing Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards to make them safer.

New cards will have a new Medicare number that’s unique to its owner. The new card will help protect their identity and keep their personal information more secure. Your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay the same.

Medicare will automatically mail a new card at no cost to the address you and your clients have on file with Social Security. If you need to update your official mailing address, you can do that with your online my Social Security account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

For more information about the new Medicare card, visit go.medicare.gov/newcard. You can also visit www.Medicare.gov/fraud for tips to prevent Medicare fraud.

NY Connects

NY Connects can help people with disabilities to Remain independent;  Understand care options; Find transportation; Learn about supports in caregiving; Get answers about Medicaid,

Medicare, and health insurance; Apply for benefits; Find housing.  Call 844-862-7930.