The Northeast Bronx Association was formed to preserve and improve the quality of life and promote harmony within the community. We are a non-profit, volunteer based organization consisting of concerned residents.

NEBA is proud to be the recipient of the following awards: Award for Excellence from the NY State Attorney General; Citation from the NY State Assembly; Community Service Award from the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway; Various citations from the NYPD.

Programs of the Northeast Bronx Association include: Operating a Crime Alert Network in conjunction with the 49th Precinct; Reporting community concerns to the local Community Planning Board and following up to make sure that those concerns are resolved; Hosting meetings for the discussion of neighborhood concerns between residents, businesses, elected officials, and local government agencies; promoting programs for seniors; disseminating information to the community on any issues of concern and eliciting the input and participation of all residents via Newsletter, print media, and the Internet; sponsoring Toys for Tots; and Food drives for the needy.

If you are a resident of the Northeast Bronx and would like more information about our organization, or you would like to be on (or be removed from) our mailing or email notification list, please call 718-519-1723 or Email us at

The Northeast Bronx Association  Inc (NEBA) is a  non-profit community based organization that provides the information herein as a service to the community. NEBA is simply a conduit for the dissemination of this information from what we believe are reputable sources. However the original source of this information (not NEBA) is responsible for the content herein. It is not to be implied that NEBA endorses any person, organization or program due to its listing herein.

A Note About Politics: The Northeast Bronx Association is organized as a Civic/Social Welfare Organization. According to our corporate charter, and federal/state regulations related to our status as a not-for-profit organization, NEBA is not permitted to engage directly or indirectly in political campaigns or endorse candidates for public office. When NEBA invites elected representatives to speak at our meetings, we do so in the interest of establishing a dialogue with those representatives for the benefit of the residents of our community. They are there to inform the community of activities within their jurisdiction and to answer questions.  NEBA cannot allow them to campaign for election. Since its inception NEBA has attempted, and in most cases succeeded, to establish good relations with ALL our elected representatives – regardless of political affiliation, to further the interests of our community and to obtain government funding for our programs, which benefit our community, and which are provided to the community at no cost.  We are extremely grateful for the support and funding provided by our elected representatives. However, that relationship is not to be implied as an endorsement for any candidate running for political office. In the same vein NEBA will not allow anyone who attends our meetings to engage in politicking or campaigning.  Anyone who has a concern related to our community who wishes to speak at our meetings can do so; provided they inform us what it is they wish to speak about – prior to the meeting. NEBA reserves the privilege to allow or disallow a speaker based upon a determination of the relevance of their topic to our community.