Crime Alerts

The 49th Precinct Community Council meets on the last Tuesday of every month, except July and August. All residents are invited to attend. For more information  and the location of the next meeting call 718-918-2025.

49th Precinct Hotlines

Terrorism Hotline – Call 1-888-NYC-SAFE (692-7233).

49th Precinct Community Council – Meets on the last Tuesday of every month.  Call 718-918-2025 for details. 

Stop Illegal Handguns – Call 1-866-GUN-STOP (1-866-486-7867) anonymously – $1,000 reward.

FREE Home Security Evaluation – Call P.O. Tyrone Mederos 718-918-2026.

FREE Auto Security Programs – The Crime Prevention Unit has FREE programs that will help you from becoming a victim of Auto Theft, and possibly save you money on your current theft insurance.  Call P.O. Tyrone Mederos 718-918-2026.

Report Crimes Anonymously – If you have information on burglary or any other crime, please contact Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.  If you observe anyone trespassing on your property or any other crime in progress call 911 immediately.

Community Affairs – Contact Det. Jay Sturdivant at 718-918-2032.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers – P.O. Daisy Sanchez 929-273-9685 and P.O. Gregory Hernandez 929-364-6498.

This does not apply only to possible terrorist related activities. It applies to any suspicious  activity, or possible  violation  of the law.
For possible  terrorist  activity:  Call NYC-Safe 1-888-692-7233.
For quality of life violations: Call 311 For crimes in progress: Call 911

How to Report Suspicious Activity within the NYPD 49th Precinct

1. Document all suspicious activity, including dates and times and description of potential perpetrators and their actions. Be as specific as possible.

2. Get the names and contact information of all the neighbors who are complaining. Also ask them to document dates, times, descriptions of suspicious activity.

3. Report the incident(s) to the NYPD 49th police precinct or 718-918-2026 (Crime Prevention Officer).

4. Attend a meeting of the 49th precinct Community Council (info provided in the above link, or call 718-918-2025 Community Relations Officer.) You will be able to register to speak at the meeting about the issue. The Captain of the Precinct is usually present.

5. If you witness specific criminal activity in progress, call 9-1-1.

6. If the suspicious activity continues and police action is not taken, call 3-1-1 to report. You will receive a case number.

7. If still no action taken, go to the Community Board #11,, or call 718-892-6262 with your case number from 3-1-1 and ask them to follow up.

How to Report Suspected Vehicle Violations

1. Record the following from the vehicle: plate number; registration sticker expiration date; make and model. Describe the condition of the vehicle; especially if plates are missing; windows are broken; doors are unlocked; etc.

2. Call Community Affairs Officer Jay Sturdivant at 49th Pct at 718-918-2032; leave a detailed message and be sure to mention you are a member of the Northeast Bronx Assn.

3. Be aware that homeowners do NOT have special rights to any parking spots on any street in NYC.

4. If your report is deemed valid, the NYPD will send an officer to investigate and determine if the car is legally parked. If it is not legally parked, a summons can be issued; after which it can be towed.

5. If a vehicle is blocking your driveway you must call the NYPD and have a summons issued; after which YOU must call a towing service to have the vehicle removed.