Newsletter – May 2019

May 2019

Welcome Nathalia Fernandez!          

By Mark Saplicki & Vincent Prezioso

Nathalia Fernandez has been supportive of the Northeast Bronx Association – first as Chief of Staff for then Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj and now as our State Assemblywoman. We are pleased that she will be with us this month.  And now a bit about Nathalia.

A daughter of immigrant parents, Nathalia was raised to understand the benefit of a strong work ethic. Her father, William, migrated with his family from Cuba to the Bronx at a young age and started his own business painting apartments in his late teens to help his father support the family. William started his business and began his career in Morris Park. Nathalia’s mother, Sonia, came to the United States from Colombia and found her home in the neighborhood of Bedford Park.

The Bronx has always been a home away from home for Nathalia. Upon graduating from Hofstra University, Nathalia found herself volunteering for change within the Bronx. Nathalia was driven by her compassion for her peers and neighbors, and it was no surprise when she served the 80th Assembly District as chief of staff to former Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj.

During her time in the 80th Assembly District, Nathalia has led numerous projects and initiatives. Under her direction, the Assembly office provided internships and numerous volunteer opportunities to high school and college students, organized events and health care services for seniors and planned numerous community events. Public service became Nathalia’s passion and provided the fulfillment she was seeking in her career.

In early 2017, Nathalia accepted the position of a lifetime, joining the Executive Chamber at the highest level of state government as the Bronx regional representative for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Nathalia has worked with all sectors of government and community stakeholders to advance projects and services that benefit constituents. In addition to her numerous responsibilities, Nathalia educated the borough on the availability of the Excelsior Scholarship and the paid family leave program. She was active in awarding $10 million to the Bronx Civic Center under the governor’s Downstate Revitalization Initiative. In partnership with the Bronx borough president’s office, this project allowed Nathalia to work closely with community stakeholders and small businesses to create a uniform plan of execution on how best to utilize the grant.

With her advanced knowledge of state operations and services, Nathalia is representing the district she calls home and her community as the Assemblymember for the 80th District.

Upcoming events sponsored by Nathalia include:  Reusable Bag Giveaway on Friday June 7 at her office at 2018 Williamsbridge Road; FREE Mammogram screenings on Saturday June 8 at the Mosholu Library 285 East 205th St (appointment required). For more information and events call her office at 718-409-0109 and ask to be placed on the email notification list.

Assemblywoman Fernandez and her competent staff are always available to hear your concerns and do what is in their power to resolve them.  So please come out and welcome her to our next meeting!

Next Meeting
Next Meeting: THURSDAY May 23, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave – Use Main Entrance. Guest Speaker: Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez Usually attending are: Representatives from the 49th Pct.; NYS Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez; NYC Councilman Gjonaj.

From Da Prez…

By Vincent Prezioso

Jerry Rubino

We are sad to report the passing of Jerry Rubino at the age of 89.  Jerry was regular at our meetings and active in our community. He was also a pillar of Holy Rosary parish; founded the Seniors Club;  coordinated monthly food drives for P.O.T.S. to feed the needy; was a member of the Serra Club.   He was a good friend who was always available to assist in any way he could, together with his wife of 66 years Rosemarie, who survives him.  Jerry exemplified the teaching of “let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no”.  Jerry said what he meant and meant what he said.  He will be sorely missed at our meetings. God bless you Jerry Rubino.

One Ring Call?

Courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

A while back, we warned you about the “one ring” scam. That’s when you get a phone call from a number you don’t know, and the call stops after just one ring. The scammer is hoping you’ll call back, because it’s really an international toll number and will appear as a charge on your phone bill — with most of the money going to the scammer. Well, the scam is back with a vengeance, and the FCC just issued a new advisory about it. Read the FCC’s advisory for more detail, but the advice from both agencies remains the same if you get one of these calls:

*Don’t call back

*Report the robocall to the FTC at and to the FCC at

*Always check your phone bill for suspicious or unusual charges.

CB11 Health Fair

Health & Social Services Committee of Community Board 11 invites you to our 4th Annual Health Fair.

Sunday, June 23, 2019, from Noon-3:00pm, at Bronx House, 990 Pelham Parkway South.

Nutrition and Fitness Information

Healthcare Facilities and Providers

Free Demos and Giveaways

For more information and/or to participate, please contact:  Community Board 11 Office at (718) 892-6262.

Pelham Parkway Updates

Mr. Thomas Alexander of the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) issues notices to the community regarding what will be happening on Pelham Parkway North and/or any service or traffic interruptions the reconstruction will cause.  Obviously this newsletter cannot warn you adequately.  And although we try to forward his notices via email, it is still not adequate.  We encourage you to sign up directly to receive the DDC notices via email.  Please contact Thomas Alexander,, or call him at 347-810-1386 and sign up to receive these messages directly.

Preparing for a storm

The American Red Cross in Greater New York recommends that residents update their emergency preparedness kits and get better prepared.

Be informed

  • During any storm, listen to the local news or a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Be sure to keep your phone nearby and pay close attention to warnings issued
  • Download the free Red Cross Emergency App “an all-inclusive” app that combines more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts
  • Know the difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning

What should you do?  

  • Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio for critical information
  • Close windows, doors and hurricane shutters.
  • Talk with members of your household and create an evacuation plan.
  • Check your disaster supplies and replace or restock as needed.
  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank.
  • Check your disaster supplies kit to make sure items have not expired
  •  If you have propane, turn off the tank.
  • If you are not advised to evacuate, stay inside, away from windows, skylights and glass doors.
  •  Use flashlights in the dark. Do NOT use open flames
  • If power is lost, turn off appliances to reduce damage from a power surge when electricity is restored.
  •  If you are told to evacuate, do so immediately.

What do you need?

  • Water – at least a 3-day supply (one gallon per person per day)
  • Food – at least a 3-day supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare food
  • Medications
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
  • Copies of personal documents
  • A family disaster plan

What should you do afterward?

  • Continue listening to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio for updates
  • Stay alert for extended rainfall and subsequent flooding even after the hurricane has ended.
  •  If evacuated, return home only when officials say it is safe.

More information is available at

Memorial Day

An Excerpt from the 1884 Memorial Day speech by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“So to the indifferent inquirer who asks why Memorial Day is still kept up we may answer, it celebrates and solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national act of enthusiasm and faith. It embodies in the most impressive form our belief that to act with enthusiasm and faith is the condition of acting greatly. To fight out a war, you must believe something and want something with all your might. So must you do to carry anything else to an end worth reaching. More than that, you must be willing to commit yourself to a course, perhaps a long and hard one, without being able to foresee exactly where you will come out. All that is required of you is that you should go some whither as hard as ever you can. The rest belongs to fate. One may fall-at the beginning of the charge or at the top of the earthworks; but in no other way can he reach the rewards of victory.”

This Memorial Day say a prayer for all who sacrificed their lives for your freedom.  Freedom is not free!  God bless you and your families; God bless all those who protect this country and God bless America!